Is DoughNats a Peanut Free Kitchen?

Our facility is 100% peanut free.

We have NO peanut products and NO

labels that “may contain peanuts”.

Is DoughNats a Nut Free Kitchen?

We have Nutella in our kitchen.

Since allergies are so prevalent, we store, stuff and glaze these

DoughNats in an isolated zone of our kitchen

to avoid any cross-contamination.

Should you have a Nutella or hazelnut allergy, please let us know.

and we will be sure to prepare a nut-free box.

Although we take necessary precautions,

please manage your risk accordingly.

Is DoughNats Gluten Free?

Although our gluten sensitive products have no gluten in them,

we do have flour and gluten products in our facility.

Gluten sensitive products are baked and not fried, so they do not

share the same oil. Although we take necessary precautions,

please manage your risk accordingly.

How Many DoughNats Should I Order Per Person?

Our DoughNats are small.

Approximately 2-3 bites each.

In general, you can expect each person to eat 1-3 DoughNats …

Although we have seen certain people polish off a dozen at a time

(you know who you are)

How Long do DoughNats Stay Fresh?

The great thing about our DoughNats is that all our ingredients are

natural, with no preservatives or chemical additives.

They are best consumed on the same day. We guarantee

absolute freshness upon delivery. It is best to keep them in

the box until you’re ready to indulge.

If you must eat some the next day, we suggest you store them in an

airtight container and let them sleep in the refrigerator.

Then, thaw at room temperature or microwave

for approximately 6 seconds.

Can You Order Special DoughNats For an Event or Party?

We will work with you to customize flavors and decorations to best

suit your needs for your special event.

Check out our Instagram (@DoughnatsMtl) for inspiration of what we can do!.

Please feel free to contact us!

Can We Expect New Flavors?

There are soooo many

DoughNat Flavors to come…

Keep our DoughNat lovers wanting more!

We love creative foodies- if you have a suggestion for a cool flavor

and we end up using it- we’ll name it after you!


We accept Interac, Visa & Mastercard online and cheques

and cash upon delivery.

How Long In Advance Must I Order?

You can order as early as you want!

You can order on the website until 12 AM the night before.

You can call us or text us for same day orders, we will hold your box!

You can even walk in and select your choices in our shop (based on availability)!

Is There a Minimum I Must Order For Delivery?

Minimum order is 1 dozen DoughNats. Or 12.

Please visit the site for package options.

Where Do You Deliver?

We will try our best to deliver to you.

Deliveries are limited to a 5-7 km radius of the bakery.

This mostly covers the central area of the island of Montreal.

There is a $5 charge for delivery.

Can I place an Order And Have It Delivered To Someone Else?

Of course! Just let us know on the site, via email or telephone.

We will even throw in a personalized greeting card.

Any Unanswered Questions?

Call us.

Email us.

Text us.

Talk to us.

Write us.

We DoughNOT Mind- We Want To Hear From You.