Nathalie Kaspy-Shtern, aka “Chef Nat”

Nathalie is a licensed criminologist who holds 3 university degrees, but her true calling has always been cooking. After raising 5 incredible children, founding and running a successful charity, assuming leadership roles in school and community boards, it was her time to pursue her passion: to be a chef!

Nathalie is a graduate of LaSalle College in Culinary Arts. She completed her training with an internship at Maison Boulud at the Ritz Carlton. Nathalie has re-invented the traditional donut, making it smaller so you can enjoy without the guilt…or so you can try more than one kind! She believes in real , fresh ingredients and ensures that everything that comes out of the bakery is top quality. Everything made in-house is tested and perfected until released. Stay tuned for more exciting goodies to come from Chef Nat, DoughNats and her talented team!

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