• Ruffle My Feathers

    Ruffle My Feathers

    Chocolate Glaze

    Milk Chocolate Dipped & Plain Ruffles TM

    Glacage Au Chocolat

    Ruffles TM Nature & Enrobees De Chocolat

  • Ore-Doh


    Vanilla Glaze

    OreoTM & Crumb Topping

    Glacage Vanille

    Biscuit Oreo TM Et Oreos TM Concasses

  • Hot Choc-Lit

    Hot Choc-Lit

    Pure Chocolate Dip

    Nestle QuickTM Topped

    Torched Italian Meringue

    Glacage Au Chocolat Pur

    Garniture De Nestle Quick TM

    Meringue Italienne

  • This is everything

    This is everything

    Cream Cheese Glaze

    Totasted Everything Bagel Topping

    Glacage Au Fromage A La Creme

    Garniture Roti Plein-Gout

  • Lil’ Scotti

    Lil’ Scotti

    Coffee Glaze

    Mini Biscotti

    Glacage Au Cafe

    Biscotti Miniature

  • Halle My Berry

    Halle My Berry

    White Chocolate Glaze

    Raspberry Dust

    Raspberry Jam Filled

    Glacage Au Chocolat Blanc

    Poudre De Framboises

    Farci De Confiture De Framboises

  • Purple rain

    Purple rain

    Blueberry Glaze

    Dark Chocolate Dipped Mini Pretzel

    Dark Chocolate Drizzle

    Glacage Aux Bleuets

    Pretzel Miniature Trempe Dans Le Chocolat Noir

    Coulis De Chocolat Noir

  • Don't Babka Me!

    Don't Babka Me!

    Chocolate Glaze

    Slice Of Mini Babka

    Glacage Au Chocolat

    Tranche De Babka Miniature

  • Flap Attack

    Flap Attack

    Maple Syrup Glaze

    Stack Of Mini Pancakes

    Shot Of Maple Syrup

    Glacage Au Sirop Derable

    Etage De Pancakes Miniatures

    Sirop Derable Pur

  • Midnight 4.0

    Midnight 4.0

    Milk Vanilla Glaze

    Captain CrunchTM Topping

    Glacage Vanilla Au Lait

    Garniture Captain CrunchTM

  • Birthday Drake

    Birthday Drake

    Vanilla Glaze & Sprinkles

    White Sprinkle Cake

    Pudding Filled

    Glacage A La Vanilla & Sprinkles

    Ranche De Gateau A La Vanilla & Sprinkles

    Farci De Pudding

  • Cinder(Nut)ella


    Sugar Rolled

    NutellaTM Filled

    Farci Au NutellaTM Et

    Roule Dans Le Sucre